Expand your child's world and possibilities by encouraging them to develop a love for reading.


Who we are

We value literacy and believe it is the foundation that on which all education is built. We believe children are natural learners with boundless curiosity and capacity to absorb information.  Learning at this age is critical to future success. We believe in creating learning opportunities for children by providing parents with the tools necessary to engage and ignite excitement about reading. 

How it started  

My First Reading Club was founded because giving the gift of reading to a child expands their minds, provides new experiences and opens a world of possibilities like nothing else.   Reading inspires thought and exploration.  Reading helps shape personality and purpose.

Early reading ignites imagination and creativity.  It helps your child communicate better with you and the world!

We are parents, teachers, avid readers, book collectors and storytellers all with one common focus: find and procure the best possible books in the world for our subscribers at a reasonable price. 

Are  you ready to join to My First Reading Club?