The magic of reading delivered right to your door.

My First Reading Club was founded on a passion for reading and improving literacy. Reading inspires, empowers and provides a link to all education throughout your life. Whether you are reading to your child or helping them read, reading fires the imagination, builds confidence and creates a platform to a prosperous future.  

My First Reading Club is the perfect gift. 

Do you know a child or parent that could benefit from additional opportunities to read? My First Book Club is the perfect gift to encourage parents and help young readers. 

What are some of the benefits of early reading?

Supercharge your child's learning

Reading is the key to your child's academic future, and it is at the heart of all formal education. Studies have shown that reading accelerates your child's development and increases their social understanding.

Bond with your child

 Not only does reading with your child supercharge their learning and set them up for success - Reading with your child is an amazing way to bond with them and deepen your relationship by sharing wonderful stories together.

Save time and money!

Our expert curator selects the highest quality age-appropriate books for your child - saving you hours of shopping for the right ones. Our relationships with children's book publishers saves you money, too!

My First Reading Club is fun.

Every month, your child receives a “gift” in the mail further demonstrating that reading is fun and full of surprises.   We send your child the best children's books by age. These are books for kids to read, and for parents to read with and to their children 

What's inside the box?

We are so glad you asked! Our curator pours through thousands of titles and picks two to three age-appropriate new books specifically for you and your child.   We also include an activity book in each box!

You tell us the age of your child :  Just Starting Out (Newborns to 2 Year old Toddlers); Pre-Readers & Fledgling Readers 3-5 Years Old; Newly Independent Readers 6-8 Years Old; Developing Readers 9-10 Years Old; or Pre-Teens (Established Readers 11-12 Years Old) and we will pick the books. 

To show our thanks for giving the gift of reading to your child, we even include a free surprise for mom each month!

How It Works

Sign up.

Tell us the age of your child and then we will hand-pick your books.

We ship your first box within 2-3 business days.

Why develop early reading skills?

Early reading creates better communication and language skills. It promotes more logical thinking and enhances concentration. It acclimates your child to new experiences and shows them by example that reading is fun. 

Your reading box is just the beginning. 

My First Book Club is really unique. When you join, you become part of a community of parents discovering and sharing ideas that can help improve the literacy of your child. 

For as little as $19.99 per month!

For three age-appropriate books, an activity book and a nice beauty sample gift for mom.  And you can cancel any time. 

Easy to order.

You are one click away from giving the gift of reading .

Always on time.

First week of each month ships to your doorstep.

Fits any budget.

We have a plan that fits your needs.


  The gift of reading. 

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