The Secret to Raising a Successful Child

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We all know that reading is important for children. It helps them grow their vocabulary and just a fun family activity in general. Did you know reading to your child has also been linked to an improvement in behavior, academics, and social skills? Here’s a few reasons why raising your child in a literacy-friendly household is actually setting them up for success. 

Reading to your child helps them develop language and vocabulary skills. 

The first six years of your child’s life are the most essential for brain development, and the experiences they have during this time shape the adult they will become. Their brains are constantly making connections and learning, so the number of words that your child is exposed to plays a large role in their educational and social success. In fact, children that are exposed to a larger amount of words can we be up to 18 months ahead of their classmates when they start Kindergarten. And reading is the best way to advance their vocabulary. Words we use on a day to day basis can be limited and repetitive but books ensure that children will be introduced to a diverse vocabulary. 

Reading is beneficial for cognitive development skills. 

Reading has been proven to have an affect brain activity. In a recent study, by The American Academy of Pediatrics, young children were put under an fMRI scanner and read a pre-recorded story. The researchers saw lots of activity in the left side of brain, areas that are correlated with the understanding of words, concepts, and memory. In addition, parents were asked how often they read to their children. The studies showed that children who have grown up in a more literacy-friendly home had a higher brain activity than others. Proving that reading to your child will expand their ability to comprehend words throughout the rest of their lives. The American Academy of Pediatrics concluded with recommending that you start reading to your child from the time they are born, to help their neurons connect and grow. 

Reading enhances your child’s concentration. 

We often take being able to focus for granted. But being able to focus is a skill that young children need to learn. Reading with your kid helps them learn to sit down and pay attention for longer periods of time. This may seem irrelevant when you reading to a baby or a young toddler, who just wants to flip through the pages, but this has been proven just the opposite. Reading together on a consistent basis will help them learn to focus, and later on, will contribute to their success at school. 

Reading expands imagination and creativity. 

Reading lets your child explore a world of possibilities that they aren’t exposed to on a regular basis. They can learn about different characters and imagine what their life is like. They will be introduced to new settings, that they otherwise might not have known about. They can learn about different topics and lessons and ask questions about things you may have never thought to teach them. By reading to them about new and interesting topics you can turn reading time into a learning experience and expand their knowledge on the world.

Reading is a great bonding experience. 

All other benefits aside, reading is a great way to spend time with your child that you can both enjoy. Whatever your day looks like, finding a time to sit down and read together is a great way to bond and spend quality time. These experiences that you share with your child at such a young a will shape they way they learn and develop. Sharing stories that spark ideas and meaningful conversations are a great way to stimulate their brain and curiosity. 

Most of all reading should be FUN! 

Make reading an enjoyable experience for your child! Many of us can look back at our childhood and remember reading with our parents as some of our favorite memories. We designed My First Reading Club to be an enjoyable experience for both parents and children! When your child receives a package in the mail addressed to them they will be so excited and associate that positive experience to books. In a world full of screen time, books can lose their appeal. But when you child receives their monthly My First Reading Club box, the excitement of books will be brought back. Each book will be relevant to them and their age and they will love exploring, reading, and sharing their new books with you. Being apart of the My First Reading Club community will put the fun back in reading and give them memories and knowledge that they will cherish and carry with them throughout the rest of their lives.